By | February 3, 2020
best disneyworld hacks

If you’re taking a trip to Disney World, you’re probably worried about all the expenses and the time you’re going to spend waiting in the long lines just to get on a ride. However, to get the best out of your trip and save some money, try these Disney World hacks.

1. Use Discount and Coupon Websites to Help You Save Money

Coupon code websites like Coupon Feed can help you save money on Disney products.
Coupon code websites like CouponFeed can help you save money on Disney products.

There are a few websites like Mouse Savers you can use to find discounts and offers on. You can also call the Walt Disney Travel company for assistance on planning your visit. you should let them know your agenda and budget. This will help them create the best stay possible for you and your family. they can tell you the best hotels, the best ticket packages, and the best rates for the time of year you would like to visit

2. Stay Away from Large Crowds by Using A Crowd Calendar.

crowd calendar for disney theme parks

If you’re trying to stay away from large crowds and want to minimize your wait time, then you should use a crowd calendar. It will show you the best times to visit the area in the park or take rides. However, summertime is always going to be busy. Still, you should use the latest Orlando crowd calendar available.

3. Use A Disney-certified Travel Agent

This option is completely free and will provide you with a wealth of up-to-date information and recommendations. You can work with Mouse Fan Travel which is very highly recommended. The travel agent that you’re working with can give you advice on anything from where to stay to what to eat. Also, they can help you make advance dining reservations.


4. Purchase Disney Gift Cards at Target.

disney gift cards at

For those who have a Target Red card, you can use it to buy a lot of Disney gift cards. This will result in you receiving a 5% discount because Target categorizes these as entertainment cards, not gift cards.

5. Go to Costco for Discount Disney Tickets and Travel Packages.

disney world tickets at costco

To get the most out of your trip and feel good saving money, you can go to Costco to get discounted Disney tickets and travel packages. They offer the tickets and annual passes in-store often so keep a lookout for them.

Costco has an online travel page with specials and all-Inclusive Disney Resort vacations. There are many deals on their website, such as $150 Disney bonus gift cards, bargains on the memory photo packages, and up to 25% off Disney Resort Hotels for Disneyland and Disney World. Sometimes they have packages that you can get for free if you purchase an all-inclusive vacation.

6. Visit Disney in January or September

lunch at disney theme parks

The worst time to go is in the summer months and during holidays because kids are out of school. The prices are high during most times as well. However, January and September are the best times to visit because you’ll receive a lot of discounts on hotels, eateries, events, and rides. Also, you don’t have to deal with large crowds and the weather is particularly mild during those months.

7. Eat A Sit-down Meal for Lunch Not Dinner

disney theme parks in shoulder seasons

If you’re visiting Disney on a budget, then skip the sit-down dinners in the park altogether. The lunch menus are usually 15 to 20% cheaper than dinner and they’re typically the same items that are served at night.

8. Plan A Character Meal for Breakfast:

character meals at disney parks
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Would you love to see Mickey Mouse put a smile on your child’s face while you’re having a family meal? You can save up to 35% off your character meal if you schedule it for breakfast. Besides, the breakfast buffets are amazing and you can fill up on it and save money by only needing a light lunch.

9. Bring Your Snacks and Reusable Water Bottles

reusable water bottles disney theme parks

So you don’t go through the hassle of using and taking in items that you should not, just remember these two things: Do not bring any glass bottles or straws these things can harm the animal. Also, keep your drinks snacks in a small bag or cooler.

10. Ship Needed Items to Your Hotel

Most people don’t know that they can do this but you can have your packages shipped to the hotel room. This goes for any essential items that are not easy to pack and will cost you a fortune to bring the on-site. The best place to shop online is Amazon because some items you can get either same-day, one-day or two-day shipping.

11. Take Disney’s Magical Express

coupon codes to save money at Disney theme parks.

This is for people who are staying at a Disney Resort. They will shuttle you and your baggage to the resort in a comfortable air-conditioned bus. Try to arrive during the day that way your waiting time for the bus can be limited.

Website: Disney’s Magical Express

12. Always Mention Your Special Occasion

special occasion at Disney

If you mention your special occasion such as a honeymoon or anniversary not only will you get special treatment but you might get some discounts. For example, if it’s your honeymoon they will give you a “Just Married” button to wear every day so the Disney members can knowledge it. Who knows you might receive a bottle of champagne!

13. Do Not Rent Your Car at The Airport

renting cars at the airport

Renting a car from the airport can be very expensive. You should rent it on the property of Disney from one of the on-site agencies. The rates are usually better and renting a car is a good idea because it gives you flexibility especially if you have small children.

14. Do The Opposite of What The Crowd Does

Try to eat when the majority of the crowds are on the rides and vice versa. There are several things you can do to avoid large crowds such as make your reservations for meal times during odd hours. Take rides while people are standing in long dining lines.

15. Use Disney’s Free Dining Program

Another cool heck is that Disney offers a free dining program for certain ticket packages during the fall months. Disney made this to try and get more attraction from tourists during hurricane season. By booking these packages, it will automatically add the Disney Dining Plan to your ticket at no extra cost.