By | February 5, 2020
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Our Guide For Getting The Most Out of Coupon Clippers.

Many are familiar with using coupons at the grocery store or at popular online stores like Amazon or eBay. But now you can find a CIT Bank promo code or a Kaplan IT coupon. Imagine a bank giving out coupons!

Couponing has become a big money saving strategy for years giving consumers the ability to purchase items and products while saving money or bundling items at a lower rate.

To some couponing can seem hard to do, but with the help of simple tips and guidelines to follow for first time coupon users to make couponing easy. Some couponers use mobile apps to calculate and search for better deals and offers with their coupons.

These services were created to provide fast and easy ways for consumers to buy coupons without the hassle of having to buy several Sunday papers and having to cut out the coupons themselves, saving consumer’s time.

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1. Use MyCouponHunter.

The most recommended mobile app for first time couponers to use is MyCouponHunter, this mobile app is simple, fast and accurately displays money saving offers and deals within a variety of stores and deals online.

2. If It’s Your First Time, Do Your Research.

For first time couponers, it’s highly recommended to do as much research as possible when determining what products you will be wanting to purchase coupons for. Stores may also have a limit with what types of coupons you can use, as well as a certain limit of coupons you can use with each transaction.

2. Always Check The Prices First.

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If you’re going to buying products in bulk, research which websites offer better pricing. Or, offer coupons on products your looking to purchase, and the fees incorporated with buying coupons online.

3. Comparison Shop The Many Clipping Services.

The number of coupons affects the price of shipping cost and fees, some companies charge anywhere between $0.05 per coupon, with fees up to $1 per package. Most couponers do not recommend paying more than $1, and highly suggest staying away from companies that charge that high for shipping costs and admin fees.

4. Know Where The Clipping Service is Located.

The benefits of using a Coupon Clipping Service varies depending on the location of the provider and the consumer. The Servicer will be very helpful when life has the consumer so busy with life events, the service takes cares of time-consuming clipping, searching for Sunday papers and is easily delivered to your home conveniently and on time. Other benefits with using these services include having the ability to gain more knowledge of the couponing industry. You can ask experienced couponers whom have been couponing for years, and they highly recommend always asking questions. Especially with the coupon service you chose to go with for all of your couponing needs, you can always ask about deals, the service might have a rewards program for new customers.

5. Know The Refund/Return Policy Beforehand.

Refund policies with these providers varies with each clipping service. Many of them offer full refunds, whereas some of them need you to pay shipping costs and fees to refund. Other clipping services however do not offer refund polices, those Clipping Services who do not offer refunds or have refund policies might not be the best choice to pick mainly due to scams and frauds in this industry. The best strategy to make when deciding which Clipping Service to go with is to look for their expertise in the Couponing Industry. The length of their Service; it’s best to go with a Clipping Service who’s been around for 10 or more years than another company who just started. Refund policies should always be at the top of your list when picking which Coupon Clipping Service to do business with, mainly because you don’t want to purchase a huge amount of coupons, then something happens to those coupons or they get lost in the mail, with refund policies they give you that safety net incase anything bad happens to your coupons.

6. Buy in Bulk When You Can.

When it comes to shipping fees, go with Clipping Services that offer the best prices and fees for bulk coupons and stock pile coupons giving you the best options possible. Bulk coupons can cost up to $15 and more for pricing of Clipping Services, whereas stock pile coupon can cost up to $20 of more for Clipping Services. It’s highly suggested not to pay more than $1 per shipping fees, if you come across Clipping Services that charge this high, turn away and find an honest Clipping Service with honest pricing. Some Clipping Services may offer a Customer Loyalty Program which includes rewards, discount and frequent sales.

7. You Can Find Them in The App Store.

Some Coupon Clipping Services use mobile apps and online ads to attract new customers, these mobile apps make getting coupons and services easier and simple with the click of a button. Some Clipping Services used social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and much more to engage with other couponers and new customers to display their business platforms for everyone to see.

8. Ebay Regulates Coupons Pretty Well.

Some couponers have recommended not using eBay when it comes to purchasing coupons because eBay limits the amount and type of coupons that are bought, sold and distributed on their webpage. Coupons that eBay does not allow on their websites are Any coupons for free products or items, any types of coupons that can be electronically scanned as well as expired coupons or any coupons that might end up expiring before the buyer even receives them. The only types of coupons eBay allows on their website to be offered to customers are actual paper coupons, otherwise their policy will be put into effect and sellers will be restricted or terminated for not following company policies. eBay does allow sellers who meet the requirements and follows the requests given to them, the ability to be able to list 25 coupons with the value of over $100 over a span of a month.

With the information and tips in this article, hopefully first time couponers will be able to judge and make the best choice with these companies. Saving you time and money is one big benefit from using Coupon Clipping Services but with the high rise of scammers and frauds going on with social media and online usage, it’s best to have a tip list of what to watch out for when looking online for a high quality Coupon Clipping Service.