By | February 3, 2020
amazon - free stuff you can get

Amazon is a large online retail company. Also, it is known for having great deals and is known for its premium membership program called Amazon Prime. However, Amazon does offer a few freebies that you can use regularly. Today we’re going to talk about a few money savings tips and strategies to getting free items from Amazon.

1. Enrol with Paribus:

get free stuff on with paribus.

Enrol with Paribus so you can be compensated by Amazon if your package has arrived late.
This is how it works. Paribus is a free service with no risk that will watch your inbox for Amazon receipts and shipping notifications.

If your package arrives late, then Paribus will work hard with Amazon and will give you Amazon gift cards or other forms of credit for you.


2. Use Cashbackbase Website to Save Lots Money

cashbackbase - amazon

This is a website that has all products and offers 100% of the product at a discounted price. You can also get some products for free because some items offer up to 100% cash-back. Not a lot of individuals know about Cashbackbase so it’s a good idea to be the first one to “buy” the free items. This is one of the best money savings tips out there.

You can sign-up for a free account, then tap on an item to view and get the product. Also, you should visit this store daily because they renew free product listings every day.


3. Get 5GB of Free Amazon Drive Storage

amazon drive storage -

Amazon offers 5GB of storage on its cloud and the great thing is that you don’t have to hold an Amazon Prime membership. You can store photos, videos, and basic document files on its cloud system.

However, if you do have Amazon Prime Membership you will have unlimited photo storage in addition to the 5GB of cloud storage.

4. Make Good Use of AMZDiscover

amzdiscover - reviewers get free stuff

The AMZDiscover tool is predominantly might for Amazon retailers. However, you still can get free products through it if you’re not a retailer. AMZDiscover allows Amazon retailers to obtain individuals to critique their products. retailers use the site to offer any reviewer who is on the website an opportunity to get a free item in exchange for a meaningful review.

The terrific aspect of this site is that you can get free items shipped to your home just for being an Amazon reviewer. First, enrol as a reviewer with your Amazon account. Make sure that you fill out your Amazon account profile page. Send a link of your Amazon profile page to AMZDiscover by email with information about the group of items that you are interested in critiquing such as electronics, clothing, music, and etc. To build up a good reputation you should critique a couple of products already.


5. Get a Free Baby Registry Sample Box:

If you use Amazon as one of your baby registries and hold an Amazon Prime membership, then don’t forget about your free sample box. You can get your sample box when at least $10 has been purchased from your registry.

The box will include a variety of free samples for the baby and the parents.

6. Receive Free Amazon Items from Tomoson

If you need access to influential people and people who will provide meaningful reviews, then Tomoson is the perfect site for you. The influential people are verified and accept by Tomoson. This method is great for retailers because it gives them confidence that they will receive an outstanding review or critique of their product.

You need to apply on the website to become a reviewer. The retailer has a list of requirements that the reviewer must meet to get a free product.

For example, a requirement could be you must have Twitter followers or a niche blog. Create a couple of social profiles and the retailers will accept them individually. You will get a post on the message center section with a proposal from the retailer.

Always give a lot of detail when setting up your social profile so that you can be easily chosen by a retailer. The retailers will choose influential people and reviewers who show concern and interest in the product and are involved on social media sites.

7. Read Free Kindle Ebooks from Amazon

free kindle books

You can look through their large collection of Kindle ebooks and download them for free to read. You can decide to read from any genre such as suspense, adventure, romance, cookbooks, biographies, and classic tales like Huckleberry Finn and Oliver Twist.

8. Become A Pro Reviewer for Amazon

become a pro reviewer amazon

To acquire a career as a pro-reviewer for Amazon products, you need to have a successful content website or YouTube channel with many followers. If you do not have these avenues of content, then use and AMZDiscover while you build up your content portfolio. This will take commitment and diligence on your part, but in the long run, it is worth it.

You can also become one if you have social media websites. You can easily build up your followers and find retailers who would be glad to offer you free an item in exchange for your critique of the product.

There are many people with stories about building a strong financial portfolio off of making product review videos on Youtube. They usually start off making product review videos on items that they already own. Then once they have gained enough views, followers and have become popular They can easily get the recognition of retailers who are looking for influential people to review or critique their products.

You can make a lot of money and get so many free items by starting a YouTube channel.