By | February 3, 2020
selling used clothing on ebay website

If you have a lot of clothing sitting around in your home and you just are not getting use out of all of that clothing, you might think about selling some of it. As a seller, you’ll receive an eBay coupon code to save on shipping supplies to your customers too.

It can be nice to clear clothing out of your home, and it can be nice to make money as you get rid of that clothing. You might consider putting your clothing up for sale on eBay, and if you do, you need to know the best way of doing that.

1. Sell Seasonally Appropriate Clothing:

seasonal clothing ebay

If you have a number of sleeveless shirts that you are looking to sell and it is the middle of winter, you might want to hold on to those until the weather starts to get warmer. If you have a thick sweatshirt that you would like to sell, and you are going to try to get people interested in that item by letting them know that it has kept you warm in very cold weather, you want to list that item when the weather across most of the country is cold. You should think about saving your items so that you are listing them in timing that is seasonally appropriate.

2. Measure Your Clothing Items:

measure your clothing for sale

If you want people to know if your clothing is going to fit them or not, you want to do more than share the sizes of the pieces that you are listing. It can be helpful for you to lay out the pieces and measure them. You can even take pictures of your measuring device laying across the pieces so that people will know how you went about measuring the clothing. The more information that you can give people regarding the size of the clothing, the more likely you are to find someone who is interested in buying the clothing.

3. Take Pictures that Help the Clothing Look Nice:

taking pictures of your clothing

When you are taking pictures of the clothing that you would like to sell on eBay, you want to make sure that each picture shows the clothing in a flattering way. If you can have someone wear the clothing while you take the pictures, that can help it look good. If you can’t do that, you simply want to lay out the clothing in a way that makes it look appealing. Consider styling your pictures with jewelry and other accessories, but make sure that you let the buyer know that those accessories will not be included with their purchase.

4. Be Honest About Issues with the Clothing:

well worn clothing

If you have a small hole in the sleeve of one of the shirts that you are selling, you want to let the potential buyers know about that hole. You do not want to trick anyone into buying clothing from you or you will just end up receiving returns and getting a negative response from buyers. You should be honest about any flaws that are part of the clothing that you are trying to sell. You might choose to show the flaws in the pictures that you take so that people can decide on their own if they still want to buy the clothing or not.

5. Know How to Title the Clothing Posts:

title your posts on ebay properly

It is important that you title your posts well if you want people to find what you are selling and be attracted to your clothing. If you are selling name brand clothing, you might want to list the brands of clothing that are part of what you are selling. If you are selling clothing that is special in some way, let all potential buyers know what makes that clothing special by creating a good title for the clothing.

6. Consider Putting Multiple Pieces Together in a Lot:

bundle your clothing

If you have a lot of clothing that you are trying to sell and many of the pieces are a similar size and style, you might consider grouping those items together in a lot. You can get rid of more of your clothing quicker when you decide to sell a number of pieces together. This can also help you appeal to those people who are looking to get set up with a whole season worth of clothing with one purchase.

7. Reuse Items in Your Home as Packing Materials:

packing materials for clothes

You do not have to spend a ton of money on the materials that you will use to pack up your clothing once you have received word that it has sold. You can use items from in your home as you pack your clothing and get it ready to be shipped out. When someone in your home has a birthday and they pull tissue paper out of their gift bags, save that paper. You can use the paper to wrap up the clothing that you are selling when you are packing it up. You can use boxes that you find in your home to pack the clothing and get it sealed up and ready to be mailed.

8. Include a Quick Note with the Clothing:

include note in your shipped items

If you would like to have people return to your eBay shop again and again to purchase more clothing, you should find a way of personalizing your packages. If you would like people to be impressed with the service that they receive through you, you should consider including a handwritten note with each of the packages of clothing that you put together. You can thank the buyer for their business and let them know that you will be listing more items that might appeal to them soon.

There are ways that you can go about selling clothing on eBay that will help you sell a lot and earn a good amount of money. Put thought into the way that you list and pack your items.